Michelangelo Sistine Chapel and Creation of Adam

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, before Michelangelo intervention was painted with a starry sky, surrounded by figures of the apostles.
It was 1508 and Michelangelo was a young sculptor, not particularly known as a painter and had no experience of painting.

After 4 years of work, Michelangelo ended Sistine Chapel ceiling.
To accomplish the work, Michelangelo obtained from the Pope the full freedom of creativity.

In the Sistine Chapel ceiling, are painted nine episodes, divided into groups of 3.
In the central part you find the story of Genesis. God is the main character of the first three boxes with the creation of light, the stars and the separation of earth from heaven.
Man is the main character of the second group of episodes: the creation of Adam, of Eve and the original sin.

The concatenation of guilt and punishment is evident in the last 3 paintings: the sacrifice of Noah, the Flood and Noah drunk and laughed, a symbol of humanity enslaved by sin.