Visit the Sistine Chapel Ceiling and the Vatican FOR FREE

particolare della Cappella SistinaIf you are planing a visit to Rome, keep in mind that every month, on the last sunday you can visit the Sistine Chapel Ceiling and the Vatican for free, saving 15 euro per person, the price of the ticket entrance fee.
There are two ways to know the secrets of the Sistine Chapel: to use the present guide to the Sistine Chapel for free, also available via iPhone, or to buy the audio guide at the entrance of the Vatican Museums at a cost of € 7 per person. They need a valid identification card.

Sistine chapel tickets

The ticket price for the entrance to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel is € 15.
Visiting all treasures exhibited in the Vatican Museums takes about 4 hours. We suggest you to visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel on one day , and the Basilica di San Pietro on another one.

€ 15 per person. Last sunday each month entrance for FREE

Where is the Sistine Chapel?

To reach the Sistine Chapel you have to take the METRO LINE A getting off at Ottaviamo metro station.
Please mind that from january 31st 2011, the metro line A will close at 21.00

First etrance: 9.00 am
Last etrance: 4.00 pm
Closing time: 6.00 pm